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Armed Homeowner Responds To Four Burglars, Shoots One

Garden City, Alabama — Residents in a Garden City home woke up to find four suspects breaking into their house, early August 17th, ending in one of the suspects being shot.

Once inside the home they were met by the homeowner who was armed, and ended up immediately leaving the house after coming into contact with the armed resident. The homeowner then followed the suspected burglars with a short exchange of gun shots.

One of the suspects was shot by the homeowner and, as of the latest reports, remains hospitalized with charges pending.

According to reports, three of the suspects were caught at or near the scene, while one was able to get away in the car. This person was later apprehended after police gained a search warrant. That search yielded drugs, drug paraphernalia, and a 12 gauge.

For the three who were not shot and hospitalized, criminal charges have been placed ranging from first degree burglary and robbery, to trafficking illegal drugs and other drug charges.

All three are currently being detained without bond, while the other recovers in the hospital.

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