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“What Were They Going to Do, Chop Our Heads Off?”

Precious Spencers second day on the job included a Family Dollar Store tradition: robbery.

But this time, the thugs were armed with what looked to Spencer like swords.

Surveillance footage shows a man dressed in red start to leave the store when he spots something that scares him and he scrambles back inside.

A second later two masked men storm into the Family Dollar on Bessemer Road in Birmingham with what appears to be a large hunting knife, while the other is armed with a machete.

Spencer told WBRC-6, the choice in weapon seemed odd,

“… they came here with swords and that kind of threw us for a loop because no one really got robbed with swords before. What were they going to do, chop our heads off and get the stuff?”

But one of the managers was ready with his gun.

“He (the manager) got to the end of the aisle and said ‘they’re robbing us they’re robbing us.’ So, he’s holding his gun and he says, ‘when they seen me take my gun out then they ran.’

According to Spencer, even though that Family Dollar Store location has been robbed 13 times since October 2018, the employees are not allowed to carry weapons.

“He (manager) said, ‘they rob us too much and that’s why I have my gun,’ and I understand why he feels the way he feels. He’s trying to secure himself and protect the people that are in here. He said ‘Precious, if I wasn’t here ain’t no telling what they would have done to y’all.’”

Sgt. Johnny Williams of the Birmingham Police cautioned against treating the scenario too lightly,

“Luckily no one was injured,” said Sgt. Williams. “We want everybody to realize that although this may seem funny to some, we still consider these guys dangerous. That weapon of choice at that time was a machete or a sword, but these guys can easily escalate to using other weapons like firearms.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Birmingham Police at 205-254-1753 or remain anonymous by contacting Crime Stoppers at 205-254-7777.

What do you think about not being allowed to defend yourself at a high-risk job like Family Dollar Store Manager? Leave a comment below to let me know.



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