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Teenager Shoots and Kills Man Attacking Woman

A Man from Tuscaloosa was shot and killed by a teenager while assaulting a woman with her children.

According to the statement the 17-year-old shooter gave to police, he shot 43-year-old Kerry Deandre Shepherd while he was assaulting and threatening to kill his girlfriend who was in a car with her children.

Police were dispatched to the scene for a report of a domestic disturbance at 3120 20th St. at around 0300 a.m. Presumably, after officers departed from that call, Shepherd began to look for somewhere else to stay.

Shepherd had been in the process of removing his belongings from the residence, when he became involved in an argument with his girlfriend. The argument turned into an altercation as it became more and more violent.

Finally, at around 0700 a.m. a witness came into the home and told the 17-year-old that Shepherd was assaulting and threatening to kill his girlfriend who was in the car with her children.

The 17-year-old confronted Shepherd, then shot and killed him. According to Capt. Kip Hart, the assistant commander of the Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit,

“As he went outside, he said he saw Shepherd still physically assaulting the woman,” he said. “We’re still continuing the investigation, but he is not being charged at this time.”

Raevan Howard, Tuscaloosa City Council member of District 2 said she received a call from Tuscaloosa Police Chief Steven Anderson about the shooting in her district. According to her statement to Tuscaloosa News,

“I arrived on the scene to find residents consoling each other and being emotional as they should be and having a lot of questions. So, I came out to be with the residents and to see if I could get more information from chief Anderson about what caused this crime.

You know these are just senseless acts of violence and they can definitely be avoided, and I really want our community to band together help our youth and the individuals who are creating these instances of violence, to understand there are better ways to settle our differences. We want to have conflicts, we want to have disagreements, but your first solution cannot be to pick up a gun and settle that situation through gun violence.”

Detectives took the young shooter into custody for questioning and have since released him on Wednesday with no charges filed against him. The case will now be sent to a grand jury for further scrutiny.

Several witnesses have come forward to help in the investigation, which is appreciated by the Tuscaloosa Police,

“Anytime we have help from the community it’s always a good thing,” Capt. Hart said.

No one else was apparently injured from the altercation or shooting.

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  1. Doug May 8, 2019 at 2:49 pm #

    As usual, the politician doesn’t know what the hell is going on and comments like the kid wanted to have to shoot the guy!

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