Armed McCalla Man Chases Away Home Invader

Jefferson County, Alabama – A man from McCalla was at home with his wife when he was forced to confront an intruder with his handgun.

“My wife was sitting by the window facing the front yard when she said ‘someone’s here,’” the home owner, Shelby Tucker told WVTM13.

What she saw was a man in a red shirt walking up to their home, opening the front gate and taking care to close it behind him.

“So, I stepped back in the bedroom and grabbed my pistol off the nightstand. I figured if he was going to be armed, I was going to be armed.”

The suspect walked up to the home and opened the front storm door then proceeded to try to walk in through the unlocked front door when he sees the homeowner ready for him with a gun.

“I just met him with the gun, and I said, ‘you’re at the wrong house.’”

The man turns to run and can be seen on the surveillance footage stop in the front yard and turn around to plead with Tucker not to shoot him and then asked for a phone charger.

“He kept saying ‘don’t shoot me,” I said, ‘I’m not going to shoot you I just need you to leave.’”

The suspect took the opportunity Tucker gave him and fled on foot into the nearby forest. After a short time, he was located by police officers on the road at I-459. Nearby witnesses told officers that they had seen the man with a gun in his hand, and they approached him with caution, and held him at gunpoint until he could be placed in cuffs.

But he seemed to have lost some items of clothing.

“Between our house and the interstate, he lost his shoes and pants,” Tucker said.

The suspect was taken to the hospital, but police say that once he is released, he will be charged for his attempted intrusion.

Police went on to say that Tucker handled the situation well, who says for his part says he and his wife will probably keep the front door locked more often as they don’t normally keep it locked while they are home.

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