Mother Shoots Aggressive Intruder

Baldwin County, Alabama — A woman was shot after she illegally entered a home in Baldwin County and began acting aggressively with the homeowner.

According to Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO), the homeowner, a mother, was taking a bath when her 2 daughters ran in to tell her someone was in the house uninvited.

“The current homeowner was actually in the bathtub and she had two young juvenile children who were in the house also, and the kids heard some movement or whatever going on in the house, would go out there and look and see someone in the house that shouldn’t be in the house.” Said BCSO Cpt. Cliff Cadenhead.

When the mother left the bathroom, she found a 44-year-old woman in her home who had been in a relationship with the homeowner’s partner and said she was there to retrieve some belongings.

The mother ordered the other woman to leave the home and when she did not, the homeowner retrieved a .38 caliber revolver from a bedside table.

“But they didn’t get out of the house, and she ended up getting a handgun. There was an initial confrontation and, then, there was a struggle over the firearm, and it appears that the homeowner shot the person that got shot in the stomach,” said Cpt. Cadenhead.

The injured intruder was taken by helicopter to University Hospital in Mobile to undergo treatment for the gunshot to her abdomen.

Police do not report any other injuries, or any charges being pressed against the homeowner for the shooting.

Neighbor Oveta Burkhart, who lives with her mother in a home a few houses down from where the shooting took place told Fox10,

“I heard the helicopters going over the house, then I heard one, then I heard another one shortly after.”

Some time later, detectives investigating the shooting arrived at her home to inquire if she knew anything about the incident,

“I heard a knock at the door and I went to the door it was two police officers and they were asking me if I had heard anything and I said ‘No, sir,’ and he said there had been a shooting in the neighborhood and I was very shocked at that in this neighborhood,” Burkhart said.

Having a plan in place for what to do in the event of an intruder is an excellent idea to discuss with your family so that everyone knows their role and what to do.

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